Residential area, Steinkjer

Aerial view of the site. Photo by Tore S. (Steinkjer Avisa)

Scope and time frame

In Steinkjer, the ZEN pilot project is planned on the site of a former office building, with the establishment of a kindergarten and about 10-12 residential units on the site.

Location and involved stakeholders

The site is about 11 113 m2 and located 1.5 km south-west from the city centre, in an area called Lø. Surrounded by a school and several detached houses, the area is a typical suburban residential area. The site lies outside the concession area for district heating.
Involved Stakeholders: The project owner is Steinkjer municipality with the department of social development as the responsible unit. It is planned that the public-owned land development agency Steinkjerbygg will develop the land in cooperation with private entrepreneurs. The local energy agency NTE and a network of regional IT start-ups, the Smart Grid Cluster, are participating in the discussion about the future development of the site.

The pilot project’s mission and planned measures

The goal of the project is to develop a kindergarten and a residential area that provides a good environment for the users and is accepted by them. The project has the ambition to establish a small ZEN site.

The goal is planned to be fulfilled by the following measures:

  • Exchange of energy between the buildings and a common energy central with solar energy and wastewater heat as energy sources.
  • Use of the regulation framework for public acquisitions as a tool to require high standards during the construction process with regard to ZEN.
  • Early and open dialogue with potential project partners.

Contacts and references


Steinkjer municipality:
Gunvor Aursjø
Inger Andresen, leader WP6 ZEN
SINTEF Community:
Christofer Skaar


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the host and leads the Centre together with SINTEF Building and Infrastructure and SINTEF Energy.