• Sustainable neighbourhoods with zero greenhouse gas emissions


We will enable the transition to a low carbon society by developing sustainable neighbourhoods with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

We are convinced that our future cities and communities should ensure optimal energy use and be good places for people to live and work in.

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06 Nov

1st Nordic conference on zero emission and plus energy buildings

Welcome to the 1st Nordic conference on zero emission and plus energy buildings!

The conference presents state-of-the art research and practical solutions that pave the way towards a low carbon built environment. With a focus on Nordic countries, the conference includes more than 70 presentations, workshops, exhibitions and excursions.

Interested? Note that there are several ways to participate: as a research presenter, practice presenter or a spectator. Visit the website for more information.

Paper submission: For those of you who wish to present a paper, the deadline for full paper submissions has been extended til May 14th. Click here for more information about paper submission.

Location: Clarion Hotel Trondheim, Brattørkaia 1, 7010 Trondheim Time: - End date: 07. November 2019
Latest publication
Sandberg, N. H., Brattebø, H. & Gustavsen, A. (2019) Energismarte bygg frigjør mye strøm til biler
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What is a zero emission neighbourhood?

The ZEN Research Centre, together with its partners, has set out to create zero emission neighbourhoods (ZEN).

A zero emission neighbourhood aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions towards zero within its life cycle.




The ZEN Research Centre has 9 pilot projects spread all over Norway

The ZEN pilot projects serve as innovation hubs where our researchers, together with building professionals, property developers, municipalities, energy companies, and building owners and users, test new solutions for the construction, operation, and use of neighbourhoods in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to zero on a neighbourhood scale.


Our Research

The ZEN Research Centre’s research is highly multi-disciplinary.
We have organized our research activities in 6 work packages:

  • Work package 1: Analytical framework for the design and planning of zero emission neighbourhoods (ZEN)
  • Work package 2: Policy measures, innovation and business models
  • Work package 3: Responsive and energy efficient buildings
  • Work package 4: Energy flexible neighbourhoods
  • Work package 5: Local energy system optimization within a larger system
  • Work package 6: Pilot projects and living labs
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The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the host and leads the Centre together with SINTEF Building and Infrastructure and SINTEF Energy.