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Woods, Ruth.; Henriksen, Hanne Marit; Sutcliffe, Thomas Edward, Berker, Thomas (2021) Gjenbruk til jul
16 desember 2021,
further featered in nr. of sources: 1,

Sadrizadeh, Sasan; Aganovic, Amar; Bogdan, Anna; Wang, Cong; Afshari, Alireza; Hartmann, Anne; Croitoru, Cristiana; Khan, Amirul; Kriegel, Martin; Lind, Merethe; Liu, Zhijian; Melikov, Arsen; Mo, Jinhan; Rotheudt, Hansjörg; Yao, Runming; Zhang, Yixian; Abouali, Omid; Langvatn, Håkon; Sköldenberg, Olof; Cao, Guangyu (2021) A systematic review of operating room ventilation
Journal of Building Engineering, Vol. 40,
18 may 2021,

Mahdavi, Ardeshir; Berger, Christiane; Amin, Hadeer; Ampatzi, Eleni; Korsholm Andersen, Rune; Azar, Elie; Barthelmes, Verena M.; Favero, Matteo; Hahn, Jakob; Khovalyg, Dolaana; Knudsen, Henrik N.; Luna-Navarro, Alessandra; Roetzel, Astrid; Sangogboye, Fisayo C.; Schweiker, Marcel; Taheri, Mahnameh; Teli, Despoina; Touchie, Marianne; Verbruggen, Silke (2021) The Role of Occupants in Buildings’ Energy Performance Gap: Myth or Reality?
12 march,