Kommende Arrangementer

05 Dec

Lunsjforedrag: Grønn VVS

Grønn VVS – hvordan halvere klimabelastningen fra VVS installasjoner innen 2025?

Med Anna Marwig, seniorrådgiver energi og miljø, Multiconsult.

I dette foredraget vil Anna Marwig fortelle om et forskningsprosjekt i regi av Forskningsrådet som Multiconsult ledet. Målet med prosjekt Grønn VVS er å finne måter å designe og bygge VVS-anlegg som skal halvere klimagassutslippene innen 2025. I løpet av perioden utvikles et verktøy som gjør det mulig å tallfeste klimagassutslipp fra VVS-installasjoner, noe som gir grunnlaget for å vurdere materialvalg og konsepter for fremtidige installasjoner.

Multiconsult er partner i FME ZEN.

Velkommen til foredrag på Teams.

Dette foredraget holdes på norsk.

Location: Hybrid Time: 11:30 - 12:00 End date: 05. December 2022
05 Dec

Defence of thesis: Maria Justo Alonso

Maria Justo Alonso has submitted the following academic thesis as a part of the doctoral work at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Energy and Process Engineering:

«Improvements in Demand-Controlled Ventilation to Reduce Energy Use and Improve Indoor Air Quality»

The Faculty has appointed the following Assessment Committee to assess the thesis:
Associate Professor Hilde Breesch, University of Leuven, Belgium (1. Opponent)
Associate Professor Jakub Kolarik, Denmark Technical University (2. Opponent)
Professor Vojislav Novakovic, NTNU

The doctoral work has been carried out at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering in cooperation with FME ZEN.

The trial lecture will take place on 5th December at 10:15 

in Disputasrommet, Gløshaugen on the following prescribed subject:

“Data driven buildings – challenges and opportunities for design and operation”

The public defence of the thesis takes place on 5th December at 13:15

in Disputasrommet, Gløshaugen.

Zoom link to both trial lecture and defence:


Meeting ID: 950 4034 4288

Passcode: 124439

Professor Hans Martin Mathisen, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, has been the candidate’s main supervisor. Professor Rikke Bramming Jørgensen, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, has been the candidate’s co-supervisor. Development Manager Stein Gerhard Johannessen, Caverion Norge AS, and Mechanical Engineer William S. Dols, National Institute of Standards and Technology, have been the candidate’s supporting supervisors.


Location: Disputasrommet, Campus Gløshaugen Time: 10:15 - 16:00 End date: 05. December 2022
08 Dec

Guest lecture: Is the energy smart and compact city socially inclusive?


We have the pleasure to present to you Per Gunnar Røe from the University of Oslo who will speak about his research on social inclusion and sustainability in the built environment.

Per Gunnar leads WP2 «Energy spaces and flows» of FME INCLUDE and collaborates with us in the FME ZEN living lab Furuset,Oslo. We hope that his research is relevant for you across several research groups.

Like other city regions, Oslo has step by step been transformed according to the principles of the compact city strategy. This strategy is based on a strict urban containment policy and urban densification in inner city areas and near public transport hubs, in order to keep development within walking distance to trains, buses, trams and the metro. This has led to re-development within the built-up area of the city, and in the suburban towns surrounding the city core, as well as massive investments in public transport systems. However, the compact city is increasingly contested as a model for sustainability, because of its implications for social inequality and exclusion. In this talk Røe will focus on the large re-development projects in Bjørvika (as part of the Fjord City Plan) and the suburban towns surrounding Oslo, that are part of the compact city strategy. He argues that these strategies may generate inequalities in access to public transport, services and urban amenities, because of rising housing prices and gentrification in these prime spaces.

The lecture is given at Dragvoll, building 11, meeting room 563 and online (click on the grey square with an arrow in the upper right corner)


Location: Dragvoll, building 11, meeting room 563 and online Time: 11:00 - 12:00 End date: 08. December 2022
09 Dec

First year hearing

First year hearing for the PhD candidate Tonje Healey Trulsrud on December 9th, 9-10.30.

Tonje is doing her PhD funded by syn.ikia project.

The title of the PhD is ‘Integrated Design and Performance Evaluation of Positive Energy Buildings’.

Associate Professor Niki Gaitani is main supervisor. Professor Inger Andresen is co-supervisor.

Location: ZEB Laboratory 4.th floor- Undervisningsrommet 4.etasje. Time: 09:00 - 10:30 End date: 09. December 2022