New city – new airport, Bodø

Aerial view of the planned development. Illustration by Bodø Municipality

Scope and time frame

Bodø’s former civil and military airport is planned to be replaced by a smaller civil airport, located 900m southwest of the existing one. Today the site is approx. 5 600 000 m2 and located in close proximity to the city centre. An area of 2 200 000 m2 will be used for the civil airport development. The remaining 3 400 000 m2 – the same size as the current city centre – is dedicated to expanding the existing city centre and will include residential and business areas, as well as a logistic hub (flight, railway, shipping) close to the airport. The planned multifunctional urban area, known as NyBy, will be developed within the next 60 to 80 years.

Location and involved stakeholders

The site is located south of the city centre, within walking distance to the centre. The area lies on a peninsula and is surrounded on three sides by water. A residential area with detached houses to the north forms a small belt between the old airport and the city centre. A commercial area with a shopping centre connects to the residential area to the east. A green zone with a camping ground and a low-density residential area borders the site to the north-east.
The stakeholders involved are the project group from Bodø municipality, with a project manager and members from different departments (e.g. city planning and environment). The defense department for the military airport and AVINOR for the public airport are both represented. The National Road Authority, responsible for the interregional street system, is also involved in the early planning stages.

The pilot project’s mission and planned measures

The goal is to develop a dense, mixed-used urban neighbourhood, which is environmental friendly and citizen-centred. The environmental goals are to minimize the neighbourhood energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings are planned built according to the ZEB standard. The neighbourhood development is expected to function as a catalyst for the business sector in Bodø, which is mainly characterized by the construction, and consultant sectors, the IT sector, and an export sector based on agricultural products and food. The municipality has imbedded the NyBy project in a broader vision, which is to become the world’s smartest city. NyBy is planned as a citizen-centred development with a strong focus on citizen participation in the planning process.

The goals are planned met using the following measures:

  • Development of a design and planning toolbox to integrate energy and emission aspects into the planning process and the evaluation of different option based on scenarios.
  • Integration of citizens in the planning process, e.g. through the living lab methodology: The application of co-creation processes in collaboration with citizens, the research and the business sector.
  • Knowledge transfer by building up national and international networks with business and research partners as well as other cities and through participation in several research projects.
  • Development of knowledge and gaining experience through the design and construction of the municipalities’ own buildings according to ZEB-standard in the near future.
  • Creating a local network of partners.

Contacts and references

References and further reading:


Bodø Municipality:
Rakel Hunstad
Inger Andresen, leder WP6 ZEN
SINTEF Community:
Daniela Baer


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the host and leads the Centre together with SINTEF Building and Infrastructure and SINTEF Energy.