Guidelines on energy system analysis and cost optimality in early design of ZEB

This report presents a set of guidelines to assist building designers in a methodological approach to analysis of energy systems in the early design phase of zero emission buildings. The guidelines are meant to accompany the use of a ZEB supporting tool, guiding through the necessary steps to evaluate performance and adapt dimensioning of different systems to the case at hand.

Igor Sartori, Sjur V. Løtveit and Kristian S. Skeie
Year: 2018
ZEB Report : 41

Zero Village Bergen: Energy system analysis

Based on discussions with the ZEB partners, three possible solutions have been investigated for the energy system of Zero Village Bergen:

  1. District Heating (DH)
  2. Biomass fired Combined Heat and Power (Bio CHP)
  3. Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)
Igor Sartori, Kristian S. Skeie, Kari Sørnes and Inger Andresen
Year: 2018
ZEB Report : 40


ZEN pilot project Zero Village Bergen. ©Bergen Municipality

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